Medical scribes for healthcare professionals
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Focus care on patients, not notes.

We help doctors spend more time on direct patient care and less on documentation and billing issues.

As physicians face increasing burdens of administrative work in a highly regulated field, more and more are using medical scribes.

About US

Scribes moving at the speed of healthcare

Modern medicine rewards quality and efficiency. Kansas City Scribes helps streamline care by providing full-service medical scribe management and training programs for clinics and physician groups in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

Our growing number of clients see measurable gains in efficiency without sacrificing quality or reporting accuracy in their charts.

Our Services

Bring on our scribes or have our training team train your scribes

We offer a range of services to meet each practice’s unique needs. The benefits of bringing on Kansas City Scribes will include increased revenue, provider productivity, patient satisfaction and timely record authentication. We also offer a customized training program for scribes hired directly by our clients. In both situations, the scribes are trained and ready to hit the ground running when they start work.

Common Scribe Tasks

  • Electronic documentation of the doctor-patient interaction. Spending hours catching up on charts is a thing of the past! Scribes document in real time, allowing doctors to focus on care.
  • On-The-Fly Assistance. Scribes can review a patient’s medical history and brief the doctor before appointments, and answer questions during the appointment. Afterwards scribes can review with the doctor and make any needed addendums or changes to the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).
  • Handling of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Scribes keep your records organized and in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Kansas City Scribes is a locally based company that provides full-service medial scribe management and training programs for clinics, individual physicians, and small physician groups.

Our Training Programs

Our training programs emphasize attention to detail and speed. We make sure scribes are ready to document in real time without delays or missed information.

When clinics contract our scribes, we make placements based on the scribe’s education, interest, and prior experience in the field to ensure the best possible fit.

As mostly pre-med students, our scribes are enthusiastic and eager to apply their education and training to a clinical setting. Scribing is often the way tomorrow’s healthcare professionals are getting their feet wet in the field.

We actively monitor state & local regulations to ensure our clients meet compliance with government standards.

Customized Training

We take great care to learn your practice’s needs so that the scribes we train are well prepared.

    • Workflows: How the clinic operates and where they will fit in.
    • Terminology: We make sure our scribes understand the language and concepts of the field so that they’re able to document with clarity and accuracy.
    • Documentation Needs: We take the time to learn each physician’s preferences and train our scribes based on how the physician would like their chart documented and organized.
    • State & Federal Requirements: We actively monitor federal, state, and regulatory changes to ensure our scribes and clients consistently meet compliance with government standards and the policies established by a healthcare setting.


We consult with clients regularly to ensure our training is meeting their needs and to see where we can make improvements.

We Take Analytics Seriously

We establish systems to track our clients’ goals, giving you measurable results over time.

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